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Adding a new puppy to your family is a big decision. By finding a good reputable breeder you have the best chance of purchasing a healthy puppy, with good temperament. It can be very difficult to find a reputable breeder. When you are shopping for a purebred AKC registered puppy ask for references to insure you will be dealing with a reputable, responsible and dedicated breeder.

Please share this information with your friends so they will be able to find a reputable breeder in the breed of their choice.

To find a Kerry Blue Terrier breeder you may visit the websites of the breeders listed on this page.

Reputable Breeder List
Listed Alphabetically

Beltane Kerries

Brenril Kerries PUPPIES!

Kerifield Kerries PUPPIES!

Krisma Kerries PUPPIES!

PennTerra Kerries

Sheep Creek Kerries PUPPIES!

WindCross Kerries

Many Breeders have waiting lists for puppies starting before the litter is born, please contact them to be included.

* Kerries Available *

Click the link above to see a listing of Show and Companion Kerries for sale by reputable owners.

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