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Ch. Vlad Dracul Braudag ROM
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Born 3/17/2007 at Braudag-KBT
Co-owned with Krisma Kerries

Draco has matured to be a handsome fellow, compact body and powerful movement plus the best personality you can find.
He finished easily in April 2009 with back to back majors and a Best of Breed over specials. His fist litter arrived in January '09 at Ciarrai Kerries. His daughter Emma (Owned by Paula Fox) finished her championship at 15 months of age and became a Grand Champion just a few months later. She is currently the #1 ranked Kerry for 2014 with numerous Terrier Group wins and placements and a Best In Show. His second litter arrived spring of 2009 at Krisma Kerries. We are very excited about these Draco kids, 4 of whom were major pointed by 1 year of age and three finished before the end of summer 2010 and another finishing in 2011. Draco's third litter arrived here at Beltane in March 2010. A son (Emmet) completed his Championship in Argentina in 2011 as our second International Champion. We are very excited about all of Draco's kids past present and future.

Draco is standing at Beltane Kerries and is available at stud to approved bitches.


GCh. Beltane's Felix Felicis
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Born 5/25/07 at Beltane Kerries
Co-owned with Krisma Kerries

Felix is the son and pick male from a litter between Conor & Ch Beltane's Double Fantasy. He has matured into a very handsome and powerful boy. We are already seeing his positive influence on his offspring.

Felix's first litter arrived Nov. 13, 2009 here at Beltane and a son (Malachi) from that group is making quite a splash in Canada and became our first International Champion. His second litter was born May, 2010 at Krisma. A daughter (Roz) from that litter finished her championship before she was a year of age and a son (Romeo) who won BEST IN SWEEPS at the 2011 national specialty joined her as a new Champion just weeks later. Romeo & Roz went on to win the USKBTC Futurity in 2011 & the Maturity in 2012. Recently two more daughters joined the string of Champions that Felix has sired. His 2012 puppies are already turning heads in the ring and watch for the 2013 pups later this year on the Florida circuit.
Felix just returned from the SE Spring 2013 where he was shown to his AKC Grand Championship under the capable direction of our friends at Kerifield and Kerion Kerries. His wins included Awards of Merit at multiple Specialties! He completed his show career in 2013 at the USKBTC National Specialty winning the Stud Dog competition. Felix is now working on becoming a sports star preparing to compete in Rally and Agility as well as UKC events and anything else that might catch his fancy, Felix is retired and living with his new family in Nebraska. Available at stud for a limited time to approved bitches.


Beltane-Krisma's Occam Razor
DM Carrier - PNA Clear

"When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth." The truth is that this young dog is about to thrill spectators. He's just that good :) Winner of the Bred By Exhibitor class at MCKC USKBTC specialty 2012 at 10 months of age! Shelocks first litters are impressive! Co-Bred with and standing at Krisma Kerries


Beltane's Quid Pro Quo
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Born 1/23/2013 at Beltane Kerries

Q is another show boy from Draco and Jinx's 2013 litter. He is a bold and courageous puppy with a physique that makes us very proud. Q won BEST PUPPY IN MATCH at the CIKC Sanctioned "B" Match on June 8, 2013 his first time ever in the ring! In Oct. 2013 he travelled to Pennsylvania to compete at the USKBTC National Specialty and it's companion show where he earned First Place in the 6-9 puppy class each day. Q took several months off to mature and will be back in the ring later in 2014. Q is co-owned with Jo Scoville.


CH Beltane's High Octane
DM Clear

Born at Beltane Kerries Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries Syrus is the son of Kyser & Ruby. We are enjoying every minute watching him grow. His first show he was awarded reserve to the Major at 6 months of age!
Syrus is co-owned with Noble Nichols.


CH Beltane's Labyrinth
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Bowie hit the show ring winning from the puppy class and at 1 year of age only needed his majors to finish. Bowie Joined his new family in Missouri upon completion of his AKC championship July 2012. Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries


Ch. Beltane's Galileo Of Krisma
DM Carrier - PNA Clear

Born 5/01/08 at Beltane Kerries Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries

He is the son of Lazer & Bella and brother to Alice. Leo had a great start with his show career finishing quickly with his owner Allison handling all the way!

Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries and owned by Allison Chrisman and Krisma Kerries


Beltane's Nickolas Nickelby
DM Clear

Nickolas moved to his new home in Canada October 2012 and he will begin his Canadian show experience in 2013. Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries


Canadian CH Beltane's Jive Talkin'
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Born on 11/13/09 at Beltane Kerries Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries

Malachi is our pick show puppy from Felix & Magic's litter. His show career has taken place in Canada with his co-owners Gord & Sandi Zacher. Mal finished his Canadian Championship Fall of 2012.


Argentine CH Beltane's Kryptonite
DM Clear - PNA Clear

Born on 3/30/10 at Beltane Kerries Co-Bred with Krisma Kerries

Emmet is our pick male show puppy from Draco & Jinx's litter. His show career took place in Argentina with his co-owners Sebastian Ezcurra & Fabricio Franchi. We are very proud of Emmet and are looking forward to reporting his success in the future.


CH Beltane's Izengard
DM Carrier

Born 8/15/09 at Beltane
Co-owned & Co-bred with Krisma Kerries

Izen's first time in the ring gave him his first two points and he soon finished his championship with very limited showing Izen joined his new family in Texas mid-August 2012 where he is enjoying all the benefits of retirement and the affection of Judy & Bunny

Co-owned & Co-bred with Krisma Kerries

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